Here at DL Hoffman Homes we specialize in helping homeowners understand the options they have when considering selling their home. We are local, from High Point and only buy property in and around the triad. We have bought nearly 100 houses over the last 4 years. We understand there are a lot of different reasons people may want to sell and we have seen most of them. Here are a few ways reasons to you may want to reach out and have a conversation about your home

  • Did you inherit a house and not sure what to do because it need work?
  • Did a tenant move out and left the place a wreck?
  • Do you have a tenant you do want to deal with but also don’t want to kick out?
  • Are you a landlord that has owned the home forever and your ready to to not deal with tenants anymore?
  • Facing foreclosure?
  • Do you have a house you want to list but it needs work?

The process if you decide to work with us

  • Once we speak to you Olivia will reach out to set up an appointment to come look at the house ( yes we actually come look at the house house because we want to get you the best offer we can and that just cant be done blindly over the phone. If people try this with you run).
  • If you think we can help your situation we would then agree on how we can help ( this could be an as-is cash offer or 100 other things.) and put that on paper.
  • We would then get that paper work over to our attorney to get them to start the title search.
  • Once everything is clear to close we will wire the funds in to the attorney.
  • You would then come in and sign the closing documents.
  • At that point everything would be recorded with the county and you would get your money either by wire or check (whichever you prefer).

At the end of the day we want to help however we can. Sometimes we buy the property and sometimes I’ll tell you that it wouldn’t make sense for you to sell to us and I refer you to our trusted realtor (I have done this a lot). If your curious on what we can pay or just need some advice fill out the form and we will reach out and try to help.

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